The secret behind African development

Africa one of the most popular and beautiful place to explore and experience life

Africa is one of the populous and popular continent in the world which is explore with pleasurable cultural heritage which attract many people across the globe different countries of the world come to witness how Africa is being organized. Many people across Africa believe that Africa can not survive even with the fact that the have large population across the the world. Many countries are too jealous of Africa because of the cultural heritage which is appreciated globally meanwhile, Africans are highly bless with natural resources which is very much important and much valuable to the public.

With a jealous cultural heritage and the potentials of the recourses which is accumulated in African regions in Africa, other continent like Asian, American and European pay visit to Africa inorder to have gain in those mineral resources. Africa is mainly, dominated with great people with potentials to change things around the world with what happening in different parts of the world, an African is in the midst inorder to make things work out. Foreigners took advantage of most people in the continent inorder to handle and take control of the resources which brought about the downgrade of Africa.

The development of Africa came up when some parts of the countries in Africa determined to take and manage their cultural heritage, natural resources and values of the people of Africa by themselves. During this time, when the people of this great continent have not taken over their valuable natural resources by themselves, their young youths and the public development were been neglected and over emphasized, the development of some parts were to be determined under probability.


During last 1980s and early 1990s, African elites gave conditions that govern how their own natural resources will be managed and control by the eligible citizens and these eligible citizens will determine how and which areas their resources will channel to. And the development of Africa lie’s on this point.


Moreover, Africa is bless with ethics in diversity with different cultural heritage which includes cultural dance, musical pattern, cultural dressing styles, natural dish, forest reservoir, good weather conditions, the black colour is beautiful “black is beautiful”, gold, oil, crystal, silver and the rest of them just to mention few.