The secret behind the covid-19 vaccine as Rev. Chris Okotie slammed Bill Gate (Video)

Over the months, the whole world have been passing through the hard time of covid-19 which has course harm to the entire world and distroyes human existence on the earth 🌎 surface.

The covid-19 vaccine which is not yet out, but the pressure is too high to impose the vaccine on people to subdue the existence of the deadly virus.

However, the call for the vaccine was seem not to be genuine, and this keep coursing devastation everywhere, Everytime, for the acceptance of the vaccine.

Meanwhile, in a new post by Rev. Chris Okotie, he slammed the owner of Microsoft best known by name as Bill Gate over the vaccine for the covid-19 pandemic.

In a post from Rev. Chris Okotie, he says: “Rev. Chris Okotie has exposed the evil agenda behind the covid-19 pandemic and why the vaccine should not be legalized and made mandatory.”