The top 10 most powerful countries in the world

It’s always been counted by many people around the world that America is the most powerful country in the world; but sorry it’s not.

However, it has been observed from the new rank of world most powerful countries. And it was obviously observed that America is not among the first five

The 2020 Best Countries Rankings has ranked Switzerland as the world’s most powerful country.

Canada is second on the list among 73 reviewed countries. Japan, Germany, Australia were ranked third, fourth, and fifth.

In the top 10 world’s most powerful countries, the United Kingdom and the United States are sixth and seventh on the ranking. Netherlands and Norway are at the lower rung of the first 10 rankings.

10. Norway

9. Netherlands

8. Sweden

7. United States

6. United Kingdom

5. Australia

4. Germany

3. Japan

2. Canada

  1. Switzerland