The True Change

When I was in secondary school, my teacher use to used this sentence to us, which she normally said that a true thought changes one is that thought one thought to oneself. And I discovered that it’s true.

I was with some of my friends, one day like this, and one among us happen to like women too much and it seems to be a problem to him. One of the most important part of this was that he finds it difficult to leave these women, he has sex almost every day up to Four times and he seem himself to playing those ladies. When I asked him, why don’t you just let these ladies go?  He said to me, these ladies think that they can run me down,so let’s watch who will go down. Meanwhile, he kept spending money on these ladies and they keep coming asking for more. But one day, he said to himself, I’m tired with this kind of life I’m living, let me get married an be free from this bondage. Oh yes! He called it a bondage which is true. He had this thought within him and he completed his action towards that. Once you keep spending money on women they keep coming  and having ladies of sex partner seems to be irresistible to stop them from coming, and it makes us to see ourselves as great men that knows waxup. But one good thing above all is that, he thought to himself and adapt to the change he deserves. At that moment he made the decision, he had rest. When we have too many ladies for only sex partner, this reduces life span and the worst part of it, is that we are always happy when these ladies keep coming and we keep spending more money on them. Come to reason with me, when We have too many ladies of sex partner around us, we forget to to do our responsibilities. We forget to build house of our own, we forget to look after our parents, we even forget to get married and this is simply because these ladies surrounded us with their arms which is like a charm to us. And we see ourselves finding it difficult to resist them. Some of these ladies did not come for relationship but they came to derail you off and go. But some of us fit some of these ladies, they think they can run men dry finally they find themselves dieing on it.