The Wages Of Alcohol To Mankind

The wages of alcohol to mankind

Many people in the universe cannot live without alcohol and it has been able to distinguish people from different categories, and alcohol is able to reduce your image and your caliber as an individual. The influence of alcohol in people’s lives has contributed to so many damages to mankind.

Since the wages of sin is death in that same way , the wages of alcohol in people’s lives is misconduct and over happiness. It has gathered that any man that consume more than two bottles of wine  (alcohol) is arrogant and you owe the nature misconduct and behavioral disorder, this same thing is applicable to any women who referred alcohol than her live and family.

Alcohol has cost many harm to the society and has been able to control lives and families as well. A man who is addicted to alcohol, automatically his family will be messed up. Meanwhile, too much of alcohol consumption destroys your health and put your health on a precarious position, it reduces dignity and drag your name to the mud.

Moreover, many of us think that alcohol can make you forget your pains, maybe when you are been hurt by someone you love most. But that’s  not true, alcohol will only make you lost control at that moment, you will not exactly know what you are doing at that time but after a while, your senses will come back to normal and you start from where you stop reasoning like a complete human being and you continue thinking, having the same pain again, and feeling the same hurt.

Alcohol can not make you forget your past, but can only make you lost control over yourself and at the same time cause harm to your health by damaging your systems and demolishing your family.