The way forward to live without fear in Nigeria.

You gonna reap what you sow

Everyone is doing what pleases him/her. You won your life, what of death! Who owns it? This is a question which each an every one needs to answer.

From away, your story is been told and maybe you cultivated into someone’s life, people outside there will definitely acknowledge the good work done by you, they don’t need to be told that you are the did that. Everything created by God have ear and the hills can hear, mountain also can hear even the bush around you hear from far. So what is this know one will not know about you.

People hear about you from far, especially when you are serving the public or maybe because of the kind of work you are doing.

   The is seeing what is happening, you have the capacity to handle or stop something from happening, you could not do that, instead you hide your face to secure your your self and your family only, but You do not care for other masses out there. Para venture, you are the the head of state, governor, president. Even the musicians they will be there and see how people are been massacred here and there but they refuse do the right thing to stop this.

Could it be that, they don’t have the capacity or the possible power to handle things right?

           One thing that will help Nigerians from being saved, and stop the people from being frightened is to make it as a law, that every political elite, political godfathers, shouldn’t send their families abroad to live! As far as, you are among of patriotic Nigerian, you have to live here with us. They can only go for visitation and come back to us but not to live there.

This is the only remedy to keep Nigerians save. Because if these politicians see that their children are right here in Nigeria, they will act far on any issue of the moment.

  Help to ask our politicians this questions

  • Do they not believe that Nigeria would be better? That makes them to send their families abroad.
  • Do they not believe believe on patriotism?
  • When would they believe that Nigeria is save to bring their families back to Nigeria?
  • Is Nigeria not meant for both of us to live in?