The Well Being Of Citizen And Development.

Citizens believe in that credible candidate who can change their life positively. Meanwhile, they strongly believe that there is job in the country but not purposely for all, but this jobs are meant  for those who have godfather and those who have upper hands in government offices. Therefore believing that they ordinary individuals do not have upper hands to public and government as well.

     So government should look into the life of the citizens through these ways

1) There is no Job for millions of citizens in countries, talk more of Nigeria at a whole.

     Besides, the citizens are not ordinary citizens who have nothing to offer, but fully well graduates with standard qualifications in different quality academic.

    Precisely in Nigeria, government fully know that the standard living of citizens are too poor and also aware that the per-capita income of the citizens are too poor as well, when you come to compel It with the value of currency they have nothing.

   Now to remedy or minimize the challenges we are facing today for high rate of unemployment, is to foster employment rate and position  the country for development by creating more jobs for the youths with qualifications.

2) government will put their very best to make sure that most big companies owned by foreigners In the country must employ 45% of the citizens. This law or policy has to be adapted and implement by the law enforcement agency which will be part of the Constitution .

3) Any business foreigner should learn how to settle down with any grown up youth, or an and average citizen depending on how big the business is, and after must have accomplished, the citizen will be settled to start his/her own business and start a new life as well.

Meanwhile, for this to take place, government will impose agencies which will be in charge of this, to make sure that all records and procedures are taking in accordance.

4) It is obvious that the citizens are hard working citizens who are doing their best to fit into the society, their good ideas are been hindered because of capital. And it’s obvious that citizens who are creative by nature needs capital to start with but finally find themselves in losing hope of survival because of lack of capital.

        In other words, to make sure that the good idea of these citizens come true, is by government to give loans to the citizens who have some thing to offer to the public. Meanwhile, there is no amount money that is too small. Through this, one could change his/her evil thought and turn for good, for him/her self  and as well as generating government revenue. Government should have this believe that the good of citizens is for the benefits of the public.

5) Every prominent business distinguished elite should try their very best to get investment to their comfort of their home country at least 25% of what the invested out side the country. This will help us to archive public objectives which one is come and visit and invest in Nigeria.

     Since Nigeria is the heart  beat of Africa for business, it has to be maintained at all levels. This will help to create an alternative attractions for foreign investment to all sectors.

6) It’s obvious that there is no well electronic company established in the country. Electronics like laptop, desktop and mobile phone. perhaps, the establishment of those things will generate great revenue if actually government have the interest and put it in budget.

    Meanwhile, this will prevent further spending in importing things like these. Country like (Nigeria) is a rich country which should never only depend on Oil and Agriculture for development for the survival of the country. Therefore, this is why there is need for economic diversification at all ramifications.

7) State governments should try their best to put in consideration what will help the state to Sand out for development competition among other states and it’s survival for business exploits. Constructing roads, building of market and market relocations does not really stand out for the state survival in terms of development and economic growth. But it has to do with attracting foreign investors for investment, putting in place adequate security, and putting in place adequate power supply, making sure that there is available conducive environment for investors which will create rooms for technological development.

   In security aspect, almost every body believes in physical security which includes military, policemen, mo pol and others.

   Government should try their best to see that access to the Internet must not be over emphasized. Internet security Is one the biggest  and best security so far in the world. For the foreign investors to follow in, Internet for access protection has to be fully reorganized in the country. thanks ABLEHARRISON. CHETACHI EKE.