The World Needs Your Help

The World Needs You.

It has been often asked who will deliver the world and help it to remedy the situation facing the society in this present time. The glory of man is shown when the society is liberated from issues that matter.

You are the hope of your people, your people needs you. You are the hope of the hopeless.

I have witnessed people on several occasions,  using their God’s given gift to mandate people for money, these are people who have their hope on you. They look up to you as their Messiah but at the end, you lose your kindness on these people. You’re sent to deliver your people by what you do or what you can produce, these people will never forget you as long as the world exist.

Let me remind you what you must have forgotten. If you want to make money and remain unshakable, donate over half of your hand work or your help to the needy, this brings countless blessing to you and open doors.

Don’t do things to gain money from people, but do it that you want help people you are better than. When you start doing something legal, remove your mind from making a huge amount of money, this will make people flow and your regards will not be neglected. When you do this, you put smile on people’s face and they live happily, just because of you. You change people’s lives, their way of thinking will change and their mood will not be the same any longer. By so doing, you have touched the world. But money will definitely come when the time is due because  your work is genuine.