This Is A True Funny Story Of Sorry. And It’s Real.

The Power Of Sorry,

               The Necessity Of Sorry,

                Sorry Can Be Seen As Solvent To                 Anger.

The perception of sorry is beyond Human understanding. I can say that sorry is like a universal Solvent like water. Sorry can be seen as a dilute substance which is clear to each an every one of us.

There’re problems here and there which your money can not even attempt to solve but sorry alone can put that problem to a stop and also bring favor to it.

There are people who think that they can change the nature, no one can even change the nature and that is how nature puts it and that’s final. Sorry is natural which come to reality and it has no change.  Sorry can pull off a mountain which want to befall on you.

Some people see those who say “Am sorry” as people who can not defend themselves. But they get it totally wrong. Sorry matters, whether you are too big or small, Goliath or David. Sorry is a necessity and necessity knows no Law, so therefore sorry knows no Law.

There is a child named Nancy, she is 8 years at age. She offended the father inside the shopping mall when they went to buy some clothes. So along side, the father persuaded the little child to tell him sorry, but the young girl refused to do so, the father now, teaching the child on how to admit fault and apply sorry at a go. But the child insisted not to say sorry to her dad. But finally the little child admitted and say sorry to her dad. At a spot, a lady matched on the little girl, and she asked the lady to tell her sorry because the lady matched her but the big lady neglected her and worked out of the little girl. The little girl was surprised based on what her father told her concerning saying sorry. The father told the little girl that sorry is necessary. So the Little child has done her best to convince the big aunty to say sorry to her but she didn’t see any result coming up. she had to complain to the father. And she wants to hold her father on his word which says that sorry is necessary and the father knew that it is at that point the child wait for him.

The father had to meet the lady to tell the little girl sorry but the lady disregards the father as well. Now, the little girl had to raise her little voice saying Tell me sorry, and she quote to the Lady exactly what her told her. But the lady refuse to say sorry. Now, the father had to report the Lady to the police officer and they got the lady arrested, alongside the police officer persuade the lady to say sorry to the little child. Lady told told her sorry With tears. The little girl walk up to her and said see what sorry have cost to you. Sorry is necessary, my father told me.

Meanwhile, the little girl had to plead to her father to release the big aunty from police custody. Tell him that you are so sorry.