Time Is Precious To Those That Values IT

Time is priceless, you own your time, but you cannot get it back once it’s gone. You can only wait for time but time does not wait for any body. Time is priceless, very affordable to anyone, very common to anyone, but very expensive to those who values it. People who acknowledge time always seek for time in abundance but never get it, on their side time is too small in which time could not wait for them. But those who don’t acknowledge time, on their side, time is in abundance waiting for them, however, they mess up time and reduce its value. Therefore, those who find time for better purpose doesn’t find it. But those who miss use time always have much time to spend. On their side, time is always available. Remember, when Jesus Christ was on his mission, he acknowledged time which made his mission a successful one. he always move ahead of time and wait for the time before he accomplish any of his mission and he always says no to any mission when it was not yet time to do so., time is precious for those who values it, they jealously spend their time and preciously secure it.