Tonto Dike discussed issues of women empowerment as the top agenda across the globe.

A popular actress who always seek and bears women empowerment as her personal burding, who is best known by name as King Tonto has taken the issues concerning women empowerment to the upper level.

The popular actress who recently got appointment at the federal level as the Director, socials & empowerment at (CYMS), was analyzing the issues concerning women empowerment when interviewed on the television.

However, the caption red “The issue of women empowerment is at the top of agenda across the world, as gender inequality is widespread in all cultures.
In many developing countries like Nigeria, gender disparity is rampant compared to the developed countries. Although the Nigerian government has put in some effort to address the challenges in the past, but low empowerment of women and gender gap still persist.
KING Tonto Dikeh is Director, socials & empowerment at (CYMS), She shares with Frank Omalapeh & Nomso Thelma on the need for women empowerment, Life and Career, New appointment and projects ahead.”