Tonto Dikeh says it takes nothing to be kind to the next person as she begs people to do good to the needy as she fluent her new G – wagon with son

Tonto Dikeh is feeling happy with her son, the popular celebrity who is our newly appointed ambassador by federal government of Nigeria is greatly thanking God for his endless goodness at her side.

The ambassador for director of social and empowerment committee of youths on mobilisation and sensitisation (Cyms) (Director of women empowerment) had said on her new post on IG that “so much has God bless me with but above all in recent times, I appreciate my new found humbleness and intense grave for privacy……….“she wrote

However, in another popular Post, she wrote: In this life, it’s important to learn to be selfless, go out of your way and do good things for strangers, for the known…, Somehow this all pays, it takes nothing to be kind to the next person, it takes nothing to give a man a hot meal if God has blessed you with little….be a blessing too, People are suffering… wether they show it or not….be a good person, please it pays… she wrote