Wake up—Wake up, It’s Just Time Make A Difference.

I always do things alone, but I don’t always get what I wanted. One very good day like this, I had to make a move to find out what I really need to do inorder to get what I really wanted. I was able to make some research concerning what really make fewpeople successful and what really make the same survive. On this research, I had to go to a distance.

I found out that, what makes you survive is that you try a lot to what alone, if not working alone, you try your very best to work under somebody. What really happened when you work under somebody or when you work alone? I found out that when you work alone, you found yourself struggling to survive life, that’s, finding it difficult to satisfy your needs. This thing is applicable to one who work under somebody, when you work under somebody, that man (Boss) overshadow you, and control your success thereby, hindering your success to be achieved.

Do you not know that Boss means Busy over somebody’s success. I was made known that day, that Job means Just over brock, therefore making you desperate looking for job unnecessarily. One can only survive life while working under the Boss and he controls you and your success meanwhile, he will make sure that you are not richer than him and this is why every Boss pay below what you contribute to his own success. You become wise, only when you know how much you are contributing to a company and how much the company pay you each month. Remember that you are not free when you work under a Boss, he controls entire you as a human being. He controls your time, your choice and your freedom—and these things are the things that make you happier most as a person. Remember that when you stop working, your income Stop coming or stop flowing, this shows that you’re under somebody’s control and this man determines your survival.

Perhaps, one can only be successful when you create something different of your own, work with team, work more than 1000 hours a day.  Remember that there are two ways of cash flow,

One is being a Boss and the other is employee. Boss determine how much that comes to his account and his cash flow never ends even if he stops working. He set up high target of income for his children even if he dies , his children will never beg for money. The high class Bosses believed not in certificate, some of them are even secondary school dropout, some don’t even attained school at all. But how do they turn to be Big company owner, they only believe on creativity, What they can produce that will benefit many people. And this is potential in them and this is why they’re successful but not surviving

While employee believe on certificate and they have all school qualifications, but after that, they serve under a company  whose owner did not even attained secondary school. Or they serve under government which turned them to civil servants, this means civilized servant. Government also determine your survival.

The 5 quality tips to overcome this problem are

  • You must have enough capital, look for it and get it.
  • Have a company not a shop
  • Have your own product that is essential for everyday uses
  • Knowledge
  • Have team work make sure that you utilize more than 1000hrs a day.