Watch Emmanuella the 10 years old Nigerian popular comedian on BBC Interview (video)

The 10 years old Nigerian popularly known as Emmanuella has been taken on an interview on BBC Africa concerning the house she bought for her mom.

The popular celebrity Emmanuella said “I am an actor so who am I to be ashamed that I bought my Mama house”

Emanuella said that her mom never knew that she will do something like that for her.

In the interview, the little celebrity said that it has been long she has been saving that money.

However, she said that she saved the money into four equal parts, one for the building, one for the Needy, one for her family members and one for her own savings. She said.

However, she said that she was saving to buy car for her mother but she later realized that car wasn’t that necessary, so she thought to use that money to build the new house for mom.