Watch video on how Ned Nwodo Spoil Chika Ike With Money Than Regina Daniels

It’s all happened like a film to Regina Daniels that Ned Nwodo could perform such act over Chika Ike.

However, Regina Daniels happens to be the sixth and last wife of the Billionaire business elite Ned Nwodo.

Meanwhile, Regina Daniels believes that her latest husband who always showers her with money will end up in making her his last wife but not knowing that there are people with different character, people who always wanted to taste every woman on earth.

Perhaps, in a recent time, Ned Nwodo Regina Daniels husband has successfully married another Nollywood celebrity popularly known Chika Ike, she’s now the latest woman of the Billionaire business man.

Although, Chika Ike has denied the fact that she has nothing to do with Ned Nwodo but her denial kept raising people’s eyebrows as the keep asking her questions on how she got the money for the expensive lifestyle she’s living now.

This is the video of Chika Ike living expensive lifestyle as the video has gone rampant mostly on internet.