We can purposely deal with stress around us

We can effectively deal with stress, firstly we need to think about our physical and mental health, the way we interact with other people around us and what we intend to achieve and what we considered to have, or our most priorities in life, that’s what we considered to be truly important to us. However this will help us to know to hierarchically deal with stress in this present world and next world yet to come.

  1. We must definitely make sure that we live one day at a time; We must not be anxious about the next day cause the next day will definitely deal with its own time and anxiety as well. However, Daily anxiety is a part of life. But never have you increase today,s anxieties by uploading or adding tomorrow’s issues to them. However, stress can cause anxiety. So we must observe it obviously that some stress are inevitable to life. Fretting over things we cannot prevent increases our tension over stress. We must also comprehend that quite often things do not turn out the way we may fear they will or they we expected to be as we.
  2. We must set up reasonable standards for greatness; We all know that intellect reasonable wisdom and it’s from above. This is saying that, we are not perfectionist. However, we must avoid setting unrealistically high standards for ourselves likewise other people around us. However, we should be modest when setting reasonable standards for better achievements, we must know we are human beings and we have limitations. When we adhere to these, we are reducing stress all over us and even encourages faster achievements and success as well. We must acknowledge to keep the sense of humor. Remember when we laugh we forget somethings, even when things goes wrong, we must keep the sense of humor. We relieve tensions and brighten our mood when we laugh.
  3. We must definitely know what stresses us; A discerning man remains calm. However, every negative emotions cloud clear thinking truly, we must learn how to remain calm. Moreover, we must put more effort to know what stresses us, and note our response, for instance, when we feel stressed, note your thought, feelings and behavior, perhaps, even making record of them. By becoming more aware of our response to stress. By so doing, we can be able to deal with stress more efficiently. also think of ways to eradicate stressful things from our lives. However, we must look for ways to reduce their impart , perhaps by engaging tasks and time effectively. We must not forget to see things in a different light cause what stresses you is quite different from someone out there. We must not be quick to assume bad motives. We must see the positive side of situations. We must not forget to keep the big picture in mind all day long.
  4. We must do things in orderly manner;We must let things take place in accordance/orderly manner. we must try to remain order in life, we like a reasonable amount of order in life. One thing that can contribute disorder and stress is procrastination, and this may lead to a growing list of unfinished task. We must forget to make a piratical schedule and stick on it. We must not forget to identify and correct any attitudes cause us to procrastinate.
  5. We must take adequate proper care of our health; However, physical training is highly beneficial , Regular exercise promotes better health. We must develop healthful habits. Physical activity can promote our mood and improve our body’s response for stress, and nutritious food is also recommended. We must avoid harmful solutions to stress, such as smoking, drug and alcohol abuse. In the long run, they heighten stress. We must make sure that we see our Doctor when our stress becomes overwhelming. Getting professional help is not admission of failure.