What do we consider to be stress

Firstly, What is stress? However, stress is your body’s response to a demanding situation nor tension. Your brain causes hormones to flood to your system; however, this increase your heart rate, regulate your blood pressure, expand or constrict the capacity of your lungs, and tense your muscles as well. Before you are fully aware of what is happening, your blood would be primed for actions. When a stress episode is over, your body and tension comes to normal position.

However, we have stress that result to good or bad after the actions imposed on us by stress. Consequentially, Stress is a natural phenomenon that enables each and every individual to deal with challenges or dangerous situations. Meanwhile, the stress response begin in our brain. However, beneficial stress enables us to acts or react quickly to stimuli. A certain amount of stress can also help us to react or reach our goal as early as possible or to perform better than before. Perhaps, during exams, interview, or sporting event.

Moreover, prolonged, extreme, or chronic stress can harm our health. When our body is repeatedly or constantly on high alert, we may begin to suffer physically, emotionally,or mentally over it. However our behavior including the way we treat other people around us may change. However, chronic stress may lead to substance abuse and other unhealthy means of coping. It may even spiral into depression, burnout or thoughts of self condemnation or suicide as well.

While stress may not affect everyone in the same way., it can contribute to a wide range of diseases. And it can affect nearly very parts of human body.