What really causes stress

Stress could be seen in different perspectives, https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/ableharrison.com/4781

However, Most adults reports being under increase levels of stress, says, a well known mayor, “modern life is filled with change and uncertainty” however consider some of the changes and uncertainties that contributes to stress.

  1. Disaster, Man made or Natural made
  2. Pressure at Work place or School
  3. Divorce
  4. Serious Accident
  5. A hectic pace of life
  6. Joblessness and worthlessness
  7. Financial insecurity
  8. The death of the most beloved one
  9. Serious breakup in relationship
  10. Crime

Joblessness or lost of Job, however says that the American/Nigerian psychological Association, “can be devastating, putting unemployment/unemployed workers as risk for physical illness, marital strain, anxiety, depression and suicide as well. Joblessness or lost of a Job definitely affects every aspect of life in Human beings.

Early Childhood stress, it’s not uncommon for children to suffer from stress at early childhood. however, some are bullied at school or neglected at home. https://wordpress.com/block-editor/page/ableharrison.com/4311

Others are abused physically, emotionally,or sexually. Many are anxious about exams and school grades, while some are feeling hopelessness, worthlessness or immune. While others see their family torn apart by divorce. Stressed, children may have nightmares, learning difficulties, depression or a tendency to be withdrawn. Some seem to e unable to control their emotions. However, a child that’s suffering from stress definitely need urgent and serious help.