What this man experimented with his cat during covid-19 pandemic lockdown will mavels you (video)

The truth is that during covid-19 pandemic lockdown, many people used that opportunity of staying idol to create things that are unimaginable with commonly with the aid of media.

This man called Francois explain how he managed to got this scaring video during covid-19 lockdown. He took 360 photo or video and them mimicked a kind of vitual pinhole camera 📸 on the computer. He believes that people think he use green screen or CGI element to perform his creations.

In the video, the cat seems to be stretched but there’s nothing more than what was shot on the camera 📸

“While in Covid-19 lockdown with his family in vincennes in France, Francois found a new muse with his cat“.

“My cat is very independent and pretty distance, so he is quite a difficult actor to direct, I have to know what his habits are in order to capture the proper action“.

“It’s a kind of game between him and me, my kids helped me, too, “he says” I hope that people like what they experienced and at the time they question the way they see the world around them.”