What I thought that could happen when I did not take control over Coke.

When I come to realize that I have fallen in love with this drink so called Coca-Cola, I thought it was a play neither a Joke but I did not know that the thing has taken over me seriously. I got a state where there was no going back again and I thought that my life has finished but I had my trust in the future of what Coke could bring for me. It was not a play when I fully lost my control over this drink of a thing, I couldn’t compromise with the interest I have on Coca-Cola. I sincerely hope that Coke is a special drink which made it special for people who are also special because during those days , I normally see big men, prominent men, Rich men drink Coke when ever they finish eaten food. So during when ever I see these people taken Coke after eating I think that they have taken something special on this world. Now, I try to emulate that habit of taking this particular drink after eaten and as time goes on, I see that these people really enjoy life more than anyone who doesn’t do that. I became a member of Coke supporter which made me become more popular and loving Coke create awareness for me every where I go.

As at then, I became to search for Coca-Cola and how it’s existence began, I was searching on how Coke dominates over other minerals, I kept on thinking and imagine how the popularity of Coke take over others. So after all these thoughts, research, and imagination, I couldn’t bear it, I followed the Coca-Cola on Guinness book of records and see how they have been breaking records everywhere, I said to myself, wow, what a wonderful company with a great product.

What I thought that could happen to me when I couldn’t take control over Coke, I thought of creating my own personal drink that will be exactly like Coke and be popular like it as well. So I tried doing that but could not workout. After all these things, what came out of my mouth was” God Almighty I believe you are the one that made Coca-Cola company great like this, please make me be popular like Coca-Cola company and it’s drinks as well”. What a wonderful world with wonderful companies. Coca-Cola company has Harness the environment for human comfort.