What We Have Been Doing Wrong All The Time Which You Do Not Know.

I believe that life is education, not only education but everyday lecture. If you’re told that there are minor things you’re still doing wrong, you might belittle the person and ignore him/her. But you might not know until you know. That’s life for us…

Breaking in new shoes. After buying new shoes,many of us will don them at home we torture ourselves while trying to break in the new shoe. This common method is not only long but it can be very painful. instead be advice to wear a thick socks prior to donning our new kicks and slipping them in. A warning hairdryer, aiming the hot air at your new shoes, beginning by wiggling your toes and moving those feet sports on the shoes will help losing them up quickly and painless. keep the socks on until the shoes have cooled before trying them out.

Tooth brushing. Like the commercial says “Bad breath is not sexy” oral hygiene has certainly improve over the years, but it’s another example of over doing in the society. scientists says that” we should be brushing our teeth at least two times in a day and floss to battle activities and gingivitis. But flossing is recommended at it removes bacteria and food particles in between the teeth.

Being productive. It’s actually impossible to try multiple tasks while it may seem productive, this actually cause low—level production, than keeping us from being productive. But best way to be more productive is to concentrate on one particular thing at a short breaks  and focus. This will make you to be at optimal level been productive.

Sleeping. Today the majority of people suffer issues revolving on sleep. Falling asleep, staying asleep or not well rested after sleep are all common problems. It was taught that, we need to be at least hours of sleep per night but the issue is that we are not meant to have all at once. Before the creation of modern light, people will go to bed on time and sleep like three hours wake up and sleep again.