What you earn is equivalent to your input and your output.

I never believed that one can earn more than his/her input.

But it is obvious that many people truly want or have eaten more than what they have invested greediness and envy.

Though, one who has never done much in a business has that greediness in him to earn more than his input while he has never done anything yet. It’s observed that some people never believed that their input determines their output. What one gives in determines what would be produced and also determines your earnings.

If you really want to earn beyond your expectations, thereby you really need to input more than your expected earnings. But the big truth is that you cannot earn more that your input in a business or anything you intend doing. One cannot start a business with $5000 and expect to earn $1b. This is totally impossible to mankind, even a gambler; it will not work for him. So therefore, what you garbage in is what garbage out for you.