What you heard is what transforms you.

Interestingly, tough time will definitely come if you are prepared for it or not.

What actually makes tough men is tough time, no two ways about this. Their mission is to tear you and scatter you if time is not taken, their mission which you want to perform will end you up by turning you upside down or toughen you.

They are not empowered to destroy you unless you permit that by succumbing to it. Get toughened when it is tough. Sincerely, tough time never last forever but just for the meantime, only tough men do face tough time. But if you want to be tough start doing tough things,

A servant is said to be like the master if only he can do what the master is doing. This simply means that the servant will adhere to tough work to get toughen.

Life can never arrange itself, individuals have to arrange it by himself.

Every house or destiny is built by somebody. Plan your life, plan your future, plan your life ahead of time if actually you do not want to suffer in your future life time. You must understand it very well and be not surprised that whatever disappointment you may face tomorrow commence from your early stage.

Mind whom you follow, remember that who you follow determines what follows you.

The company you keep for yourself determines the type of accomplishments you make.

The extent and distance you follow somebody determines how far you will see and distance you will go.

How good in touch you are, determines the quality of what you told.