What You Should Avoid When Try To Accomplish A Set Up Plan

I failed to do these things, and this nearly made me lost my target.

It’s true that we are all human beings and we do not know it all. There are places where we will have fault or error. We ought not to lose hope. It happened to me and I wouldn’t want it to happen to anyone else.

  • Distractions.  I thought that I’m too smart than everyone else but didn’t know that, No one can cheat on nature. Distraction could be your girlfriend or your boyfriend who always cherish you so much. You must know how to avoid her/him in order to accomplish your task. Your boy or girl friend, may hinder you to meet up with the demands.
  • Distance from your friends. Do you know that some of the friends you keep have a devilish mind? Do you know that, not all your friends want you to be better or greater than him/her? Always have it at the back of your mind that, that friend you called your best, may turn to be the worst of you.
  • Always remember that not every advice is necessary. To me, I believe that advice is appreciated and welcome, but some of them are not necessary. You must seek for advice, it’s a certainty but be selective. When you take every advice you come across, you will collapse and end up nowhere…
  • Always remember that you don’t have much time. Time is of the most important thing which you should not pay with and it must be guided jealousy. Time is where everything lie’s. At a stage, when I was surrounded with people who always play football and some of them like to play bet, I was following this kind of people almost every day. Find your way out from such people. The mess away your time in vain.
  • Be consistency on what you seek for. One may decide to change mind over a plan he has already built because of hot temper and you may lost the whole thing. Do not deviate from your target, standing firm makes you a gallant man and it proves who you are. Hence you are consistent, nothing will distract you from getting what you targeted for.

Have patient, every good thing takes time to arrive. Nothing good comes easy,  be patient enough to wait for your plans to come through.