Why am I the way I am

Being the way you are is a serious determination you choose for yourself. I can’t wait to see myself the way I am. Tell it to yourself, making difference is a hobby and style that added to your life neither positive or negative. I have been in a condition that gave me though time that made me ask my self why am I the way I am. It was not a play nor joke, there was an extent that prove to me that I shouldn’t be the way I was, and this brought me to the resurrection of my life to glory. Many of us need know this.

Some days, you were unable to change things around you but things turn to be different now because you asked yourself why am I the way I am which was embark with actions and determinations which brought to your resurrection of your destiny to glory.

In you, things seem to be the way the are because you have never make a move or ask yourself a question.

Everyone has some great that moves him or her, when you are moved by it you will see something different within you.

What is that, that moves you? Find out and be determined to conquer. I changed the way I was to the way I am when I asked myself this question. Why am I the way I am, locate your own question and tackle it to provide a positive answer.