Why I love blogging.

Blogging is now one the most important occupation in the world which attracts millions of people to have their focus on a particular purpose. Today many people have venture into the market of blogging which help them to gain popularity in the world today

I love to blog because it helps me to be independent and at the same time provides me with occupation. Many have succeeded today because blogging and most these are popular like footballers and musicians as well, therefore blogging create me an awareness to be popular in the public.

Blogging stressed my idea and make me to think radically and critically. Being a blogger prevent me from seeking for a job thereby serving as an occupation for me.

I gain popularity around the corner by blogging and I will like people to follow me, my target today is to gain millions of followers which I believe that will happen when the time is due

Many people have made a lot of money from blogging and this blog every the of their lives. Blogging generate a lot of money which make bloggers be popular like others. I believe in blogging and being a blogger set me apart of being like other people out there.

In Nigeria we have somebody like Linda ikeji who is a professional blogger and she made her money from blogging throughout. Linda has a lot money and besides her popularity was gained through blogging, and today she’s too popular like ever. The current linda ikeji blog is currently worth more than $12 million Dollars in value! Linda Ikeji net worth at the moment is over N3.2 billion naira.

We have somebody like Uche Eze and Noble Igwe these are people that have gained popularity by blogging and made their money also by blogging and blogging provide them with occupation.