Why Ladies Prefer Rugged Men To Gentlemen.

This is obviously understood that among gentlemen and ruggedmen, the one mostly preferred by ladies is Ruggedmen.

I observed this long ago, and some of the people ask why do this happen and how do that happen all these are questions that must be answered. Something happened some time ago, when I was in a shopping mall. I was sitting down at one corner to have an energy drink, and there was a pretty elegant lady who sitting by the other corner with his guy. But something happened, when one guy stepped in that has a bad looking face, tall, with a rough grown hair, straight pointed nose, he was wearing tear-tear Jeans, he has a ring on his ear, with a tiny eyes, anyway the guy is handsome. The lady started eyeing him but the guy cares not, the lady tried to attract him with her phone set and the guy got attracted, and became interested after a little while, I observed the signal given to the Lady to come outside. Meanwhile, the lady was still with the gentleman that brought her to the shopping mall, and after a while—the rough guy went outside within five minutes the lady took excuse from his guy and moved outside as well. So both of them discuss one on one and exchange contracts and that was it. There’s no two ways about it. Ladies prefer Ruggedmen to gentlemen and ladies have their reasons why they preferred Ruggedmen.

  • Ladies love people being rough. When a woman sees a handsome guy but rough, she will get distracted and immediately she will be attracted to him only because of how the guy is. They have this believe that every rough guy is special to them, women are the kind of being that, what most people find good may turn to be somehow to them. That’s just the nature for them.
  • Ladies believe that every guy that’s rough is definitely strong—more especially when it comes to stuff on bed. They have it in their mind that every rough guy is proactive on bed and they can handle women proactively. Rough guy is energetic and can never fail to handle them as they wanted it. That’s what she said when I asked one of my female friend.
  • Having the intention to have a guy that is rough is to puss around with him and create awareness that his guy is energetic and special. And Anybody that sees him must believe that this guy belong somewhere and people will be afraid of him because he can kill. This is the type of guy Ladies die for. So that anyone that try her, she will call him to deal with the person.
  • Ladies maintained that rough guys may be a celebrity because of the way they dress, the way they acts, the way they appear sometimes, the kind of people they associate with and more of them.

On the other hand, this characteristics are off in gentlemen and they wonder how ladies are dieing for someone that’s out of normal reasoning