Why should we tag every successful young youth terrorist, fraudulent or internet gang star.

Children of nowadays believe not in true life process, it has been observed that everyone want to harvest on the farm land which they did not cultivate. While some want to survive life without handwork or occupation which can or may enable them to achieve their true life target.

                                                 The rate of hardship in the society today has made children believe that there is no true life process in life. The high rate of criminality, corruption and greediness in the society have made the youths develop bad mind to follow or join the queue with do or die process in order to help or elevate the development of their country state.

                 Some countries in Africa, A country like Nigeria, youths believe that the people who are causing the savage and hardship happening in the country are the top politicians. When I ask, they said that politicians loots and embezzle money to invest in foreign countries while they forgone the wellbeing of their people. Thereby leaving the country under savage, deserted and hardship.

                In other words, they youths take it upon themselves to develop their states by themselves but the most painful part of this is that, if politicians sees a successful youth progressing, developing his country state. They will tag them terrorist or fraudulent thereby cadging the youths to invest in their country state. This continues to keep the youths in furry or fear to help in the development of their darling state.