Why We Must Never Get Tired

Why Do We Tag Wherever that Happened “Computer Age” Over Children

The most painful part of this life is that,
whatever that happens within the range of children that’s not generally acceptable, they tag it computer age.

This is generally unacceptable by me but I don’t know about you and your family.

It’s quite unfortunate that children nowadays do things contrary to the law of ethics.

In other words, children don’t listen to the voice of their parents any longer.

They always oppose their parents even when it’s not necessary but we tagged it computer age, which is abnormal to ethical code.

It’s unarguable that parents nowadays, do things that pleases their children without caring for the outcome of its cause.

Moreover, the power of children towards their parents is getting out of hand,

children nowadays control their parents and persuade their them to believe on what they believed in.

We all must have this belief that, parents obligation is ineradicable over their children,

but some parents abuse these obligations by pleasing their children and displease the ethical code.

In other words, this computer age that wants to bring ethics to be subject to immorality must be eliminated.


Child Over Pampering Causes Harm

It’s obviously observed that most of us,
predominantly, children from wealthy family don’t believe that things are critically hard.

It’s true that they have never experienced anything concerning how difficulty things seem to be.

This is simply because, they are being sponsored by their wealthy parents and other wise, too much of over pampering.

It has never come to bragging, that these set of children should be left at least to experience life for once.

In other words, they have to see the reason why, their own story must be heard. Concerning how they experience life, it’s very important.

Sometimes, parents over pamper their children to the extent that, they will no longer know what the world is saying.

This obvious over pampering on children, leads to child distraction and sometimes, cause destruction to the child.

If you actually want your own children to turn positive, please try to minimize the rate of over pampering on them.

Moreover, give them chances to experience life like other children out there.

Your children will not die but it will only maintain their level of reasoning and ways of handling things within their range.

You Can Make A Difference Through The Knowledge Gained From Education.

It’s beyond recognition that over
65% of Nigerian youths are graduates without work, but desperate searching for job

While 20% are illiterates, who struggle everyday to make their ends meet.

And 15% are working under pressure, sitting precariously with the fear of not loosing their jobs.

Meanwhile, statisticians made us to understood that, the standard living of every country is been measured by per capita income of each an every citizen living in a country.

or each citizen living beyond or within the range of $100 per day.

From the above statement, it means that 85% youths are not living within the range of $100.

In other words, it is fully understand that graduates are searching for jobs desperately, putting all their hope to be working under Somebody all day long.

Meanwhile, they forgot that graduates are prepared to create jobs and facilitate the economy in a country.

I have said this before and I’m still putting it to the notice of everyone who called him/herself a graduate that,

Education has made easier for everyone to survive and thrive in life by given us the sense of vision and the sense of creativity to make a drastic change.

It’s so clear that education has been able to change our status by providing the sense of adaptation to make a drastic changes in a new giving environment.

One can only be a failure under the capacity of education unless he/she chooses to fail. Education has never failed anyone before and will never fail.

In other words, graduates should not put all their hope searching for white collar jobs.

But try as much as possible to make a drastic changes inorder to save the society for the benefit of unborn generation through the power of knowledge gained from education.

You Can Escape Poverty

I believe that many people have been trying to escape poverty.

But I have this to share with friends, who are trying and desperate to escape from the power of poverty.

Poverty Is one of the biggest problem riding young youths in the community.

I have the tips that can help us to escape poverty and it’s tributaries.

If you’re desperate to over ride poverty, then detach yourself from eating too much,

Find good friends for yourself, deviate from those friends who sometimes discourage you from whatever you do to survive.

Always attached yourself with people who encouraged you to work hard and keep hope.

Be selective on what to do, do not do everything that comes to your mind.

Always work with your superego, The mind that tells you what’s good and bad.

Be appreciative to people who do good to you.

Appreciation open doors of blessings and persuade people to do more good for you.

Be yourself and never mind people who says, you are wasting your time by doing what so ever you doing. I mean what you do to survive and thrive in life

Make sure that you have something doing, do not stay without working because the scripture says that God must bless the work of your hands.
This is the promise from the Lard.

What The Nature Hold For You

It’s quite unfortunate that the world seem not to recognize whom you’re. That’s just the nature.

Life has not been easy for you and besides, you have been perceiving your hardship alone. That’s just the nature.

Take heart and keep hustling, this world we are living is spherical in shape, after one phase turn the other side would be forced to turn over.

Always remember that, no one is ready to hear what you’re passing through, people don’t care about your sufferings and hardship.

But the biggest truth part of this is that, the whole world is Eger and capable to hear that you are the change the world is looking for.

They only care to hear that you (put your name in there) have survived.

The nature made it that, you will suffer alone on hardship , but you will be be celebrated with many different kinds of people in the world.

This simply means that you are the architect of your success and your glory.

You determine how you succeed and how you will escape from failure.

The Power Of Success

It has come to my notice that success is like a magnetic force which sometimes act like a catalyst.
I don’t know whether you have noticed the same thing with me.

Do you know that when God blessed you, everyone would like to send his/her own complement to you. Even your enemies will never withstand the gravity of your success.

When you are blessed, people would be pushed to come and say hi to you.

Even if they refuse to come and say hi, the gravitational force of your success will force and persuade them to come and say hi to you. , Because you are under the option.

God’s blessings is inevitable and irresistible, be glad for your people and your villagers will be forced to come and say hi to you because you are under the option of God’s blessing.

Lagos Nude Dance: FG to use Tekno as scapegoat

There are strong indications that Federal Government will not take lightly any act of debasement of humanity and the pride of Nigerian women as it vows to use some persons as scapegoats.

In a reaction to the controversial music video by a popular musician, Augustine Kelechi, aka Tekno, with scenes of four nude women dancing in a moving van on the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge in Lagos, federal government through its National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), a parastatal in the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, said Tekno would be used as a scapegoat “to teach others a serious lesson.”. Read more https://thenationonlineng-net.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/thenationonlineng.net/lagos-nude-dance-fg-to-use-tekno-as-scapegoat/amp/?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fthenationonlineng.net%2Flagos-nude-dance-fg-to-use-tekno-as-scapegoat%2F

You promised to make me a star, now I’m almost a billionaire – Davido celebrates PR guru Vanessa Amadi-Ogbonna’s birthday

Nigerian popular singer David Adeleke popularly known by the stage Davido, recently used his social media page to celebrate an individual that played a pivotal role in his rise to fame.

The superstar singer shared a post on his verified Instagram page in which he was spotted with Nigerian Public Relations (PR) guru, Vanessa Amadi-Ogbonna, as he celebrated the occasion of her birthday ceremony.

In the caption that accompanied the post, the Blow My Mind crooner recounted how she had made a promise to help him become a star, on her wedding day.

According to Davido, that feat has been achieved and even more interesting, he is on his way to becoming on a billionaire.

He wished her a happy birthday celebration and expressed his strong love for the celebrant.

“Happy Birthday Queen V!! On your wedding day you promised to make me a star!! Well here we are!! Now I am almost a billionaire !!! Love you so much,” he said.

What People Really Need

Please help me to convince friends who having been saying that I am busting their brain,

I am not busting anyone’s brain but I can only help to change people’s mindset and the way we act sometimes.

I realized that people sometimes, do what ever that comes to their mind without knowing what the outcome of what they did may be, the outcome of what people do sometimes, may lead to devastation which may not have remedy or solution at the end. Maybe it may cause lose of life.

I found out that, what people need mostly is advice, directions and corrections.

Many have gone astray because of lack of advice and misdirection from different wrong sources.

Please I beg and advice friends to seek for advice when needed and try as much as possible to get advice from people who truly know what good advice and leadership thoroughly means.

I love you all. Let love overtake…..

Your Jungle Is Your Struggle (Street)

People often asked this question, ” does Street pay ? ”

And my answer to this question is ” yes Street pays”

Young youths have been able to do exploits today because they discovered that there are Treasures in the jungle ( Street).

Jungle is a place where nobody knows who you are,
Where anyone can go and do exploits but if only you are determined to do exploits.

I have no doubt today, that anyone can survive in a jungle.

A jungle is a place where nobody cares for you, you only care for yourself.

It’s a place where anything can happen anytime any day, both good or bad in the name of your survival.

Jungle could be anything you are doing for your survival.
Like education, servant, working different kinds of work, stealing or rubbery, Street selling, prostitutions etc.

Be careful on any of these you engaged in.
Change, deviate or metamorphos from those ones that will give you bad reputation.
Because your dignity and identity is your good reputation you created for yourself