Why your country influence you positively or negatively

Why you should change the way you do things for the better future.

It’s well understandable that most popular country around the world are independent of themselves and have the access and the capacity to handle and change things around them inorder to drill out the potentials in young citizens. But it’s obvious that most of these countries are capitalize on those who have taken the advantage of the poor masses to succeed. It’s true that the last hope of common individual lies in the Court but it isn’t arguable that those people who have taken the advantage of the poor people to succeed will use their power and the wealth they acquired from these poor people against them in the Court as well. This is done by bringing the judge with their power and wealth thereby making poor lost their last hope right within the court. So the hope of the common citizens are lost almost forever because government sometimes don’t care about what is happening between the poor and the wealthy.

A country like Nigeria should bring the hope of common citizens back to them if at all the poor must trust in the government of their country. With what is happening precisely Nigeria the common citizens have lost their hope and feel unprotected by the government. If a government of a country go contrary to the will of people that government will be mock by its own people. What will happen if a government make the rule of law a subject to national security so this are some of the challenges facing some countries, if this could happen what will be the hope of the citizens living in that particular country. That’s why the influence of your country affect you either positively or negatively.