Why Youths Do What They Do To Thrive

Why Youths do what they do.

Nigeria is one of the most popular country In the world and number one oil rich country in Africa which made the country most popular in Africa also made it popular in the world. But been popular and most rich in oil production does not guarantee anybody certificate of survival. Been the most popular oil rich in Africa also one of the most popular country in the world does not favor anybody. In Nigeria, every body is Striving to survive both big and small, mother and father. Even an unborn child that is in the Mother’s womb is preparing and arranging the way out of his or her survival in Nigeria. In Nigeria, the situation here is survival of the fittest, where one can sacrifice the other to survive and this is uncurl for. Meanwhile, after all the struggle and hardship youths passed through, they would be tagged ggy guy or Yahoo-yahoo boys. I believe that men are tired in living in abject poverty and hunger and unemployment so that is why they strive to survive and they thrive. Here, anything can go.