Wonderful impression Singer Simi celebrates 7 million followers hits on Instagram (photo)

Nigerian popular music star, Simisola Ogunleye-Kosoko, has proven to be the embodiment of talent and hard work in the entertainment industry.

The superlative musician who started out in the industry as a gospel artiste before evolving to a more secular tune has gained the love of many due to her great talent.

Just recently, Simi took to social media via her Instagram page to share a great feat that she could not have reached without her fans.

The Duduke singer recently hit seven million followers on photo-sharing application, Instagram.

Simi shared the good news on her page and accompanied it with a sweet message. In her caption, she wrote:

“All my life, I have been blessed with love. Such a gift. The love you show me, I thank you for and I pray to God I never get carried away and take it for granted. Thank you #simiarmy”.

Social media is no doubt an important tool in the lives of creatives, business owners or entertainers.

In fact, plenty people have found good opportunities on the internet and it even helps entertainers publicise their craft.

Large number of followers means that their work has a wider reach. A wonderful greetings goes to Simi.

The superlative star also encouraging people that there are some records that can help in getting thing done in a better way.

In her caption, she wrote: “These are some of the records and artists that inspire me right now. I always say I can do almost anything with music in the background. It’s especially better when it’s music that connects to your heart without trying too hard”.