Wonderful Nigeria made car gone viral on internet -see Video

A very beautiful which was produced in Nigeria has gone viral in the internet as it was said the internet is the best marketing point every possible business that wish to be successful in selling.

However, Nigerians keep prevailing on science and technology so far so good, everyday young Nigerian are coming with something on the internet.

However, since the video went viral on internet many Nigerians could not stop talking after the video of a vehicle made in Nigeria went viral online. Called the Nord Tank, Ajayi Oluwatobi, the CEO of the manufacturing company, talked about the automobile.

In his tweet on Tuesday, August 18, he said that the vehicle was specially built for Nigerians. In the short clip, the camera panned around it to give people a tour of its exterior view.

The automobile is painted in both blue and white colours with its bumper in the former’s paint colour. Its insignia is in silver steel.

Please take your to read peoples comments over this art of sciences and technology