Worry no more, there’s a way out from your miseries

It’s highly unbearable when people look for solutions but couldn’t find it anywhere. Cary no more, There are many ways to bring back your glory. As a human being, who is created in God’s image and likeness, you have  potentials which qualifies you as the through living creature. It’s obvious that we have lost the characteristics of this potentials.

In most cases, we are been surrounded with many challenges which are capable to humiliate the image of humanity.

These problems facing us today are

Lack Of youths empowerment, poor infrastructure, poverty, failure and all the rest of them.

But the most disturbed one among all, is poverty.

Remember that we called poverty a disease, we can also call it menace that challenge individuals.

It’s true that poverty has dismantled many of us and it seems that all hope are gone. But it’s not true, you still have hope to build up your life, there’s still hope to rebuild your bank account, you still have that hope to tell people that life is Sweet.

When you lost hope on FG, you will focus your mind and intention on State Government, but what if they fail you as well. What would you do?.

Do you not believe that poverty is a visitor?

Do you not know that a visitor will only leave when you decide it should leave?

Do you know that change is ineradicable and inevitable? Change can’t be destroyed, it’s a certainty.

You can forward yourself out from the mess of poverty.

Follow these steps you will reward yourself with great opportunity.

  • Be a self reliant individual. Do not depend on anyone to survive. Remember when you put your mind on someone else, he may disappoint you and many have been disappointed in one way or the other, for depending on someone. Also when you reli on someone, he determines when you will be free and automatically that person is seems to hold your future.

Being your self, made you what you are.you have your time and decision making as well. Self reliance provide you the freedom to make choice, No one decides for you.

  • Be versatile in seeking for solutions. A proverb that says  one cannot be stationary while watching masquerade.you watch masquerade from different directions, any way can go, any where can serve as well. Many people have been deeply immense in poverty because of one thing they told them or the other. And these people forget to

seek solutions in different directions.

You have to believe in being rational, think prudently and relocate from your old mentality, create a new ideological reasoning to metamorphos from your discomfort situations.

  • As a young youths, be internet friendly. Always make sure that your phone is with you. Because most important information that is beneficial to human kind always come from internet. The internet medium has proven to  people who really believe on it, will always find their way out of their miseries. Many people around the world were blessed through the internet platform. it’s obvious that people cannot even see their period by struggling financially, find their way out through Internet.

There’s no time to waste, what are you really doing right away, believe on what you can do. Tell the world who you’re through the Internet means. communicate to the whole world that you are in existence, and your hand work is excellent. Tell the public about yourself, advertise your hand work through the internet means.

  • Do you not know that you can be your real self and the best as well?
  • Do you not know that there is a perfect reason for your existence?
  • Have you ask yourself what have you done to deserve staying at home?
  • Have you not realize that you can have a drastic change over your life?
  • Do you not know that you deserve the best regard unlike others? Is your own case different.

Today stand up and take a drastic measures over conditions surrounding you.

Success is achievable, life is the matter of choice, make a perfect decision today for better tomorrow.