You Are The Architect Of Your Glory

Everyone has identity and your identity is your dignity, if at all is a positive one. I believe that you are the architect of your glory, you channel yourself to towards your goals. Do not waste your time in vain chasing shadows of what does not exist. It’s better you make decisions on some thing that is real. A time wasted, cannot be recovered again but a million dollars property damage can be recovered, even more than the previous.

Everyone has glory and your glory should not be tampered with, this has to do with your hard work and your consistence on what you want. You may be opportune to handle someone’s property, this is an opportunity given to you which must not be tampered with and it must be handled with care. Your glory would be showcased when you properly handled that project given to you with care and intelligence.

I have a friend who recently got the opportunity to handle a project that worth millions. This was because of his previous glory from his Boss. This guy was neglected by the Boss because of his inability to do things right, but from his mistakes, he picked courage and determination to be one of the best. Now he has been considered to be the best among the rest due to his consistency to change his lifestyle. You are the architect of your glory, no one cares for your suffering but you would be celebrated with millions of friends when you finally escape failure. Failure or poverty has no friends even relationship will runaway for you, you will be left alone with poverty but success has many friends even your enemies will even pretend to be in good terms with you.