You Can Make A Difference Through The Knowledge Gained From Education.

It’s beyond recognition that over
65% of Nigerian youths are graduates without work, but desperate searching for job

While 20% are illiterates, who struggle everyday to make their ends meet.

And 15% are working under pressure, sitting precariously with the fear of not loosing their jobs.

Meanwhile, statisticians made us to understood that, the standard living of every country is been measured by per capita income of each an every citizen living in a country.

or each citizen living beyond or within the range of $100 per day.

From the above statement, it means that 85% youths are not living within the range of $100.

In other words, it is fully understand that graduates are searching for jobs desperately, putting all their hope to be working under Somebody all day long.

Meanwhile, they forgot that graduates are prepared to create jobs and facilitate the economy in a country.

I have said this before and I’m still putting it to the notice of everyone who called him/herself a graduate that,

Education has made easier for everyone to survive and thrive in life by given us the sense of vision and the sense of creativity to make a drastic change.

It’s so clear that education has been able to change our status by providing the sense of adaptation to make a drastic changes in a new giving environment.

One can only be a failure under the capacity of education unless he/she chooses to fail. Education has never failed anyone before and will never fail.

In other words, graduates should not put all their hope searching for white collar jobs.

But try as much as possible to make a drastic changes to save the society for the benefit of unborn generation through the power of knowledge gained from education.