You Have Turn To Be Child Of The World

Child of the world

The first thing that happen to anyone who wish to be the child of the world is to deviate from What are expected of you to what  are not expected from you.

Have you been able to see young people turning themselves to child of the world?

What does this mean to those who love themselves turn to child of the world?

Then, how do you see anyone who is child of the world?

I often see people more especially young people who instantly change to be child of the world. I often ask why is it like that,

why is it that young people will understand fully that what they known to be bad is bad,  but at a time, they found it worthy to be good at their own site.

This happen when a child who doesn’t go too much, start going a lot, start smoking, start opening ear if is a male child, applying chemical on your hair, sleeping outside of your father’s house, going after women, being anxious to taste every woman, you have joined bad gang, you have joined secret court.

I gathered information about people who are child of the world, this is turning away from your normality to what you are not expected to practice or perform. Being a child of the world, is when you change yourself from David to Iroko.

Nowadays, you see young guys trying to be involve in piracy  in order to look different, doing something illegally to fit in the society , this could be stealing, high killer, internet fraudster and website hacker.

In other words, these young people try to look rough, rugged and scary which they purposely know to be abnormal to the society.