You Think I’m Really A Failure

You Think I’m Really A Failure, I’m a failure when I fail to give rise to another trial.

It is not truly appreciative when you made a conclusion that  I’m a failure. While I still have chances to excel than before, that chance should be given to me, then sit down and watch me. When you must conclude that I’m a failure, should be when all hope is gone and when I grow weary (old).

I will be a failure when I failed and refuse to try again, when my failure weigh me down, with my previous mistakes,  I fail to give rise to another trial.

I’m a failure when I don’t recognize that there’re people  looking up to me for future help. When I refuse to give rise to another trial, I should be tagged a failure.

I must be glad to hear that I gave 999 trial and get it right than to be carried away with people’s gossip and their malice. I must be celebrated with my achievements, my 999 trials will be forgotten while my achievement over the 999 trials will be celebrated with the world at large.

I put it to you that good things always been neglected and abandoned for number of years but it will not die,  it shall live and be celebrated with the world which might not happen at the presence of he who did it.

Believe me, maybe you have been doing good thing on internet or else where but no one seems to understand or acknowledge your work, keep time. Continue with it, it must be celebrated with the universe. It will marvel you when such will happen.

Few people will always get distracted with worthless things while the world will be interested with that which people neglected over times, which you did and think that you’re a failure to.

You aim a target and your target know it’s aim point to hit, at the end all will be better achievement.