Popular actress Regina Daniels has apologize to Jaruma.

ThE apologies was made openly to the public in the way she criticize Jaruma’ product.

In an Instagram post, the actress wrote:

“This is for clarity sake, I have and will never use any kayamata product. Jaruma paid me to help make random posts for her.

“I personally gave my terms concerning the kind of posts to be made. I was very mindful with my choice of words so as not to mislead the public. I was simply creating awareness for her brand.

“Along the line, we became friends. I was warned severally(sic) to keep her at arms length and mind my association with her, but it is not in my nature to judge a person from another’s perspective.

“But in her case I should have known better.

“She constantly uses every opportunity to create content to profit off my person and my brand even after our payment deal expired.

“And this is a notice to my fans and the general public, my brand and I as Regina Daniels have no business/association with Jaruma and her products,” she wrote.

for the sake of good name, the actress sincerely apologize and said she was sorry for whatsoever that happened.

On her IG page she wrote

” I sincerely apologize on the effect of my disclaimer n the other brand had on your company. Your product are excellent and I can testify over and over on its efficiency. Being that, they are nafdac approved and you specifically insisted on a one month trail before commencement. I admit that I always have a beautiful skin but with no doubt and with so much evidence your product have contributed to the continuous glowing skin I currently have. Your product are great. She admitted.