Your year of divine favor

The joy that comet from Christmas

May the joy that comet from the birth of our Lord Jesus brings you favor and prosperity. May the power of He who is greater than your trouble give you rest and confident.

The power that elevate Solomon locate you and elevate you from Zero to Hero. All your efforts shall counts as long as the world still celebrate the birth of LORD JESUS.

All YOUR enemies shall come to you to beg and ask for forgiveness. You shall witness the end of your labor as it turn to unexpected testimony.

The joy of your testimony shall remain endless even if you are no more in existence. Since the beginning of your contribution to the world, it seems as if you are laboring in vain; But worry not, the birth of our LORD JESUS CHRIST shall ever remain to you an uncontrollable blessings and inestimable prosperity… IF YOU BELIEVE, I WANNA SEE YOU REPLY OF AMEN!!!

Emaxz's general information

Please my dear esteemed readers/visitors I want to use this wonderful opportunity to thank you all, for patronizing my work. this is to inform you that my program have changed…

The program of giving information of things that could help you to make some drastic positive changes for life have been compromised.

Information must not focuses on life influence only; however, there are additional information which you need to know, which include News updates, sports, musics, culture, lifestyle etc just to mention few.

These are to be featured in order to make you better and it’s objective is to bring the best to your doorstep.

Thanks for your better understanding.

How to maintain your friends this season

t’s quite unfortunate that some of us always find it difficult to maintain new friends in regardless of the level of their closeness. However, most of us have made it become a lifestyle to being harsh towards some of our friends. sometimes, the actions of harshness would seem to be continually occur day by day; sometimes this action of harshness are performed unknowingly but the biggest truth is that it causes detrimental effects to our relationships between us and our friends which sometimes denies us favor from someone we could not expect to favor us.

However, the truth of the matter is that we lost favor day by day because of how we treats people who we called our friends, but in real you, you regard that your friend invalid. You could regard a friend of yours invalid, but invalid friend of yours could stand out for your problems to which the people you have regards as you valid friends could not stand for.

Ways to maintain your friends

  • Be nice to them; show your friend that you’re a nice person, he/she must definitely confirm that you are a nice person. prove to show some selfless behavior inside of you.
  • Be sympathetic them; be a kind of person that show the act of pity whenever your friends got hurt.
  • Be selfless to your friends; Show your friends that they are all important to you. give out what you love to your friend. let them know that you could give out a lot for their sake.
  • Make out your time for your friend; A very good friend is one who valued not his precious time spent with friend. everyone knows that time worth more than money but a precious friend worth more than your time.
  • Deliver your friends when the need arise; Let your friend know that you value them. be a deliverer to your friends that needed to be delivered. Do your best to make sure that your friend would have inside of him that you value him like you value yours

I see light at the end of the tunnel

I believe that you have a reason for living. Sometimes, it seem that all are not working as expected, it’s actually hard time made hard men to be hard; also tough time is meant  for tough men. Every tough man engages himself with tough work; and huge properties and wealth are meant for tough men.

“When people walk away from you, endure and let them go. Your destiny is never tied down or tied to anyone who leaves you. It doesn’t mean that they are bad people. It just means that their part in your story is over.”

However, your scars are the symbols of your strength. Don’t ever be ashamed of the scars life has left you with. Scars means the hurt is over and the wound is closed. Learned a lesson, grew stronger, and move forward and backward never. A scars is signifies tattoo of a triumph to be proud of.

Never have you allowed your scars to hold you hostage, never have you allow them to make you live your life in fear. You cannot make the scars in your life to disappear, but you can only make a positive change on the way you see them. You can start seeing your scars as a sign of strength and not pain.

I see light at the end of the tunnel, keep pushing. After all there’s nothing good comes ease. You must beat the bees before you start accessing the honey.        

10 politic vs. Leadership

It’s obvious that we have leaders and politicians; nevertheless politicians sometimes pretend to be leaders but the difference will always be clear and remain uncompromising. 

However some leaders remain a genus to their beautiful country  

  1. Politicians focuses on programs and promises
  2.  Leaders focuses on vision and values
  3. Politicians focus on the next election
  4. Leaders focus on the next generation
  5. Politicians focus on positions
  6.  Leaders focus on dispositions
  7. Politicians think on protecting seats
  8. Leaders protects the nest generation
  9.  Politicians focus on power
  10. Leaders focus on empowering present and future generation.

The necessary adjustment is determined by you

Change is a gift from God. It’s given to the person who finds himself too far to remove from what he feels destiny has ordained for him.

However, there’s nothing wrong with being wrong; but there’s something wrong with not making the necessary adjustments to get things well done.

Perhaps, within the Christian community, some of them do not believe in God’s ability to change the human’s heart. This spirit of unbelief in God’s ability to change causes people to judge others on the basis of their past. Dead issues are periodically revived in the mouths of gossips. Still, the lord progressively regenerates the mind of his people. Never have you assumed that the real change occurs without struggle and prayer. However, change is achievable.   

Five ways to actualize your dreams

  1. Try to stay away from negative people. You don’t need the negative words from the people who are going nowhere. Misery loves company and that is why people try to keep you down by saying negative things to you. If actually they succeed to keep you within their level/grade, they will be happy with you forever.
  2. Sometimes, life doesn’t give you what you want; not because you don’t deserve it, but because you deserve better. No matter how many times you break down, there should be always a little voice inside you that says, “No, you’re not done yet! Get up to your fit, there’s still life and hope in you!” that’s the voice of passion and courage. Every life is always a journey, often difficult and sometimes incredible cruel; but you’re well equipped for it as long as you tap into your talents and gifts, and you will always flourish and prosper.
  3. Good things don’t come to those who wait. Good things come to those who pursuit the dreams they believe in. never have you blame your past for what you don’t have or failed to get; but always stay focus on your present and put the blame to your present. Ask yourself few questions that will always make you stay focus, questions like “what can I do that will bring me closer to where I want to be? What do I want most that would not turn to be a liability to me? What have I achieve so far and why am I doing what I am doing?” always be conscious of knowing your ‘why, what and how’ questions.
  4. There’s no sense in wasting time pretending to be something you’re not so that you will fit in with people who don’t belong with their category. Life is very short, spent spend it with people who love and appreciate the real you. Never have you waste time trying to fit in, live up to people’s expectations or be the perfect (YOU). Just be real you. That’s why you’re different/unique. Appreciate what you are and who you are.

5. You may be in a mess right now, it was your own fault, and you don’t think there’s anything good in your future. But God has you covered. He still wants you to accomplish you dreams.    

Six ways to maximize procrastination and maximize motivation this months

To be the most profitable, successful and happy at whatever you wants to achieve in life, more especially if you are producing intellectual products;

          You need to be free from environmental distractions. This will rebrand your mental focus to concentrate on the main task at hand.

            Start something doing whenever you’re idle; this will alleviate you from laziness and will automatically generate you physical strength and idea will overtake you. However, once you start something doing, you will be surprise on how easy you will find the act performing; it will definitely turn to be easy. Never you hesitate on starting something, get one your projects done anytime you’re less busy.

         Avoid any controversial contact from the environment; anything that will make you lose focus will potentially set you up for procrastination and destroy your vision and concentration.

Take the appropriate time for eating, sleeping, exercise and more of that; however you will maintain the abortion of these things as well because a healthy mind and body is less likely to procrastinate. You will feel better, more upbeat and active, and more optimistic about accomplishing your goals sooner rather than later. Perhaps, if you’re tired or hung-over, you will be less productive and likely to be procrastinating till the next morning.            

          Try to be mixing your projects/assignment together so you will not appear to be doing one particular thing every day long. When you keep things fresh they will always appear to be more interesting and as well compelling you to work on (forward ever) and you will be less procrastinating your work.

         Keep your thought positive and passive and be observable on when entering a cycle of procrastination. This point is where you will need to address your mind over matters. Start by just getting into it and doing step one of whatever your task is and go from there. Sit down and break the project up into consumable parts that are less daunting.

I wish you a successful and happy month to come.